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Elizabeth White, M.Ed, LPC, CCTP II

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Are you struggling with feeling misunderstood, overwhelmed or anxious? Do you notice that you can be mean to yourself, or catch yourself questioning decisions? I can provide you with the tools to restore peace and heal the relationship with yourself.

I am a licensed professional counselor that offers individual therapy, family/couples therapy and parent coaching. I work with people to improve the relationship you have with yourself and with those around you.


Countryside Road


Do you struggle with stress management, difficulty communicating or parenting trouble? Do you feel anxious, worried, overwhelmed or sad? Therapy could help you. 

I often hear of the stigma around mental health creating fears that prevent people from seeking mental health care. We commonly carry shame around personal struggles and this can lead to reduced hope, difficulties with social relationships, and even worsening symptoms. I aim to break the wall of fear that you may have around therapy, reduce that stigma and normalize mental health care. Together, we can find a treatment plan that’s best for you and take steps toward a brighter tomorrow. 

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