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We specialize in working with teens, adolescents, adults and couples. Our goal is to foster a sincere and empathetic relationship with clients in a safe space, making the therapeutic experience as comfortable as possible.


We will work together on increasing mindfulness around thoughts and feelings, identifying coping skills and overcoming challenges. We specialize in anxiety, self esteem, relationships, therapy for teens and more.


Our clinicians use an integrated approach to therapy, incorporating different models to create a plan that works best for you. We come from a place of empathy and genuine desire to understand people’s lived experiences in order to best help.

We offer online therapy or in office sessions. 

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online therapy


We often hear of the stigma around mental health and therapy creating fears that prevent people from seeking mental health care. We commonly carry shame around personal struggles and this can lead to reduced hope, difficulties with social relationships, and even worsening symptoms. We aim to break the wall of fear that you may have around therapyreduce that stigma and normalize mental health care. Together, we can find a treatment plan that’s best for you and take steps toward a brighter tomorrow. 

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