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Our Counselors

We are a team of adult, adolescent, teen, couples and family therapists

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Owner & Clinical Director

Are you struggling with feeling misunderstood, anxious or overwhelmed? Do you notice that you can be mean to yourself, or catch yourself questioning decisions? Through therapy I can provide you with the tools to restore peace and heal the relationship with yourself. 

I am a licensed professional counselor that offers individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy and parent coaching. I work with people to improve the relationship you have with yourself and those around you. 

Supervised by Dana Esposito, LPC-S

Are you a young professional finding it hard to navigate stressors in your fast paced world? Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression? 

I am a licensed professional counselor associate that offers individual therapy, focusing on building self esteem, setting boundaries and increasing use of coping skills. I will provide guidance, support and a fresh perspective as you embark on this journey towards self-discovery and growth.

Supervised by Dr Nidal Pascoe, LPC-S

Are you struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression or ADHD? Does the trauma from your past impact the way you react today? 

I am a licensed professional counselor associate that offers individual and couples therapy. If you're tired of struggling on your own, I'm here to offer a helping hand. Together, we will work towards developing effective coping strategies, building self-awareness, and fostering positive change.

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